Danai Theodoraki

Danai is a prehistoric archaeologist, specialised in the study of seashells. She currently works for the Emmy Noether SEAFRONT Project (Short-term and Extreme climates causing Agricultural risks at the FRontier Of the Neolithic Transition) as a researcher assistant while being a doctoral student at the JGU.

In this project, she investigates paleoenvironmental change and variability through elemental and isotopic analyses of mollusc shells in order to reconstruct prehistoric practices related to the seasonal gathering and fishing activities and as well as create high-resolution climatic data.


Danai completed her studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece). For her master’s thesis, which focused on the marine resources of Neolithic settlements in Northern Greece, she studied archaeomalacological assemblages and conducted related ethnographical fieldwork.

She has participated in numerous excavations throughout Greece (Paliambela Kolindrou, Knossos-Gypsades, Toumba Thessalonikis, Ouriakos Lemnou, etc) and has worked alongside researchers in Greece (Mark and Ismene Fitch Laboratory, British School at Athens) and Belgium (Aegis Research Group at the Université Catholique de Louvain).

Ihr Forschungsvorhaben ist Teil der Thematischen Area 2: Kreierte Welt.

Projekt: SEAFRONT (TA 2)

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